Why is protonmail now *requiring* a recovery email or recovery phone number?

Logged into protonmails portal and saw a settings warning icon. Thought something was wrong with the DNS. Nope !
They say for it to be removed we have to setup a recovery email or a recovery phone number.
I already have the recover file securely backed up and have my password memorized. Seems odd for a “privacy” oriented email provider to now require more info from paying customers.
Are they just looking to collect more info on customers ?

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I also noticed this when helping someone to sign up for a new account.

It is quite odd that you cannot create a new email account eithout having had one. Imagine creating a new account for a child? Impossible to go with Proton from scratch, quite odd.


Opening up more ways to access an account thru a different email or thru a phone number doesn’t increase security. There is no way to turn it off and click no thank you. Cyber bullying at it’s finest.

They are doing this for paying customers ( have been with them for 5 years ).
Sure after I give a phone # the Terms of service will change and will get forced 2FA or they’ll start spamming my phone and second email with “deals” like they did the portal a few months back.

Why can’t we have nice things anymore ?

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One correction. They only so this on free accounts tho. This does not apply to paid accounts. Neither for new and paid accounts

I have a paid account with custom domain linked to it. It is required. Tech support says FU when I asked to have the warning removed and even after saying I have the recovery file and it wasn’t necessary.

It was a free account when setup so maybe that is the issue but it has been a paid one for years. Makes no sense to force more info out of customers and create more ways for people to get hacked accounts thru an email or phone.

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That is quite strange as I could sign up for it without recovery info and I also have a paid account that does not have such info and won’t get it either. Had no problems there.

This is the email from support. Do you use a recovery phrase ? Apparently that’s acceptable but out of spite am not doing it. Seems shady they encourage the phone\email options.

:::Email reply:::

Please note that the warning is always displayed if you don’t activate any of the offered recovery methods.

This is the case with all of the users and the only way for the warning to disappear would be by activating at least one of the recovery methods and creating a recovery phrase.

We would also like to mention that any recovery method that you associate with your account will be used strictly for recovery purposes. We do not send any marketing messages or provide your recovery address or phone number to marketing services.

The warning is displayed to remind you to activate a recovery method for your account so you can have a way to access your account in case you’ve lost your password.

Also, please keep in mind that you can generate a recovery phrase which is considered a recovery method, so you can reset your password via the recovery phrase in case you ever lose/forget your login password.

If you generate a recovery phrase, the warning in settings will disappear.

Please use the guide on the link below in order to learn how to generate a recovery

I do have a recovery phrase indeed. That might help.
Something something secure location something something :wink:

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