Services blocking aliases

Are there any services that you’ve encountered that don’t allow account creation with alias services or certain other domains like say protonmail or tuta etc? The ones I’ve encountered are lichess and google.

If yes, then please list some as to I can note them or keep in mind regarding them

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Deepl and ebay automatically suspend SimpleLogin. I also heard EA games also blocks SL on tech lore forum.

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Wow didnt even know sites did that. I use a custom domain with SL so wondering if they’d ever know how to block it.

Even Notesnook blocks signing up using simplelogin aliases. Some websites see it as a source of spam and may not want people to create multiple accounts using simplelogin aliases.

notesnook allows simplelogin. I have an account using my sl subdomain.

yeah unfortunately a lot of em do. custom domains don’t get blocked but the ones like etc do.

They could by looking up mx records with API from sites like

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Both and Notesnook did not allow me to sign up using my alias with the domain I do not know if they block the other alias domains for


try simplelogin. both filen and notesnook work for me when I use SL.

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Notesnook does not allow to signup through all simplelogin aliases generated in its free tier , it will give an “invalid email address” error. This has been even confirmed in notesnook discord community.
You might use your own custom domain with simplelogin to sign up.

Keep in mind that SL uses several different domains when generating aliases. So, it may be possible that one domain is not working, but another one can work.

not a custom domain but I just checked and I used a subdomain so that must be the reason I was successfully able to create an account

After trying to open 3 issues across 2 different accounts created using different SimpleLogin domains, I think that GitHub silently restricts accounts created with aliases.

Logged in:

Not logged in (same url):

I haven’t tried opening an issue using a GH account created with a custom domain though.

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Github marks accounts using aliases as spam.
Here’s a reddit post from someone having the same issue Reddit - Dive into anything