[E-Mail] Custom domain vs Alias service

I am currently a Simplelogin + ProtonMail user.

Since I use the free Simplelogin, I get a limited ammount of aliases. So my logic is:

game@example.com -> gaming
code@example2.com -> coding-related platforms
payment@example8.com -> bank, paypal and related

You get the logic. But I have found 3 websites I needed to have an account and couldnt, because the email is “suspicious / temporary”

By using my own domain name (which I already own btw), I could theoretically have infinite aliases, one per account. So it’s even better separated.

Besides that, I believe I would also not be flagged by websites, since the domain wont be shared for thousands of users.

Here are (what I believe to be) cons:

Single domain name, people will be able to trace the emails to a single user across all aliases?

To buy my domains, I had to fill my real name and adress. My provider offers WHOIS privacy, but is it enough?

What do you guys think?

Ya it’s the problem with popular services like this they’ll always eventually get their domains blacklisted for abuse.

I use simple login for everything but also keep a domain on njal.la that I bought specifically for those times a site is picky (it always seems like the services that don’t matter have the problem).

For the most part SL works, and if your domain of choice doesn’t then sometimes if you use one of SL other domains you can get by, but there will always be a time where you need an alternative.

If money is an issue you could always just make a throw away Gmail for those times too.

Would definitely suggest to just pay for it.

But if you have no option at least don’t use the same email for paypal anywhere else. PayPal exposes the address f.x. at payments etc so you definitely do not want to reuse that.