How do you manage your accounts?

I currently use both SimpleLogin and Proton to manage all my account emails. For the past couple of months, I have moved most accounts to use an SimpleLogin alias. The thing I am having trouble deciding is if I should move my gaming accounts to a Proton email, a SimpleLogin alias, or a custom domain.

The problem with a Proton email is that I don’t really want to create a whole seperate account for my gaming accounts, and I would much rather manage all my accounts all from one inbox. I would also rather keep my Proton account private and only share with my close friends and family, and my bank.

The problem with a SimpleLogin alias is that it could be easily blocked and my whole account could be closed for using a SimpleLogin alias. I have seen a few reports of accounts getting closed for using a SimpleLogin alias, and that is what I am scared about. Luckily, most services I use accept a SimpleLogin alias and I normally don’t really like services that don’t accept an alias from SimpleLogin.

I don’t think there is a problem with using custom domains. They are easy to manage and easy to change email provider without having to chnage the service email. I think the main worry with custom domains is if the provider accepts custom domains. I haven’t seen any issues with custom domains, and they seem to work well from what I have seen.

Overall, I want to know what you think I should be using and if you have any recommendations. I also want to ask if I should be setting up my custom domain on SimpleLogin or Proton. SimpleLogin seems like an obvious choice since I can create infinite aliases, but again I want to know what you think I should do and your opinions on this topic.

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can you just make an alias directly in your Proton account? I think it requires a paid account, not sure what you have.

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Sorry if this is a bit long-winded haha

What I do is:
I use SL for all my accounts and connect my domains to my SL acc (not to Proton)
I’ve chosen a SL domain to use as default for all services.
If I’m trying to create an account and the service blocks the SL domain, I use 1 of my custom domains I have specifically for this.

In the majority of cases, if the company blocks SL it’s at creation, and they won’t retroactively go and ban accounts who have already completed account setup. Obviously there will be some cases that’s not true, but they’re extremely rare and usually an email to support will get things sorted out so you don’t get locked out (Like when EA did it then undid it a long time ago)

I’ve been using SL for a handful of years now and am around 375 aliases atm. It’s super convenient using SL as kind of your control/managing layer that way if you ever move from Proton to say Tuta or something, you literally just add your new email inbox to your SL account and delete the old one and tell it to transfer your aliases to the new inbox. Not to mention if you do any web work and have many domains, it’s really convenient to make on the fly emails that are already configured to go to your inbox without having to deal with hosting inboxes.

Edit: Also I will note the amount of services that actually have SL blocked is really low, you’re more likely to find it is blocked with free easily abused services (trails etc), but anything non-abusable they won’t care.

I could make an alias directly in my Proton account since I have Proton Unlimited, but I would rather keep it seperate just in case I move to a different email provider.

That’s alot of aliases, and yeah I agree. Having SimpleLogin as a hub for all my aliases is quite useful in case I need to move email providers, I can connect a new email inbox to my account and all my emails from the aliases would be forwarded there.

Do you have any experience with Microsoft, Epic Games, EA and Ubisoft? Sorry for being so specific, but those are the main services I have accounts with and use regularly.

Yup I have all of those accounts, as well as 15 riot accounts lol…

The only 1 that blocks SL (at least the “” domain I use as my default) is Epic Games, I had to use my custom domain for them. Every other one mentioned I use an alias with no issues.

Edit: If you do have a large amount of accounts like I do with Riot I would advise not swapping them all to aliases at the same time because its technically against SL ToS to use aliases to have multiple accounts, although in reality they just a rate limit.

So if you make a few aliases for the same service, space it out over a week, or you’ll get auto locked, and it’s a pain in the butt to unlock through support.

I’m 90% sure it’s detected by incoming confirmation emails’ domain. (Ex: it will detect if you get 4 Riot Games account verification emails to 4 different aliases within x period of time)

I actually use as the default for all my aliases as well. I wish Epic Games allowed SimpleLogin. Have you tried reporting it to SimpleLogin by following their docs? Report blocking website - SimpleLogin Docs

I have seen reports that EA can ban accounts using the email It can be resolved by contacting their support team, but you can’t use that domain anymore. However, this was one year ago, so EA could have changed their decision about this.

I don’t have multiple accounts for any of the services except Epic Games, in which I have two accounts.

I haven’t reported it to SL for any of the services blocking domains, maybe some day I’ll get around to it.

As far as EA goes, I think it was it just an overly strict security implementations. I do remember when that happened, but I haven’t had any issues since they rolled things back. In most cases of accounts being banned, you would most likely be able to resolve things by contacting support, but personally 5+(ish) years of using aliases I haven’t had any major issues.

For your multiple Epic games accounts and lockouts, you won’t have any issues with only 2. But AFAIK, the issue of them blocking SL domains remains.

Hm, you might consider getting a custom domain? Then you can set up aliases with it in Proton/SL, but the addresses will be portable.

I already have a custom domain that is setup with SimpleLogin. What I am wondering is if it be worth if using one alias from my custom domain like “” for all my gaming related accounts, or if I should use a SimpleLogin alias.

I’d say alias, you use custom domain for portability reasons only, for better account security (data breach of one website / service does not lead to exposing half of your credential of multiple services) and privacy (less likely to be linked between website / services), you might want to use alias.

You should also beware not to provide same personal information (be it real or fake) to every provider unless strictly necessary.

But of course if all those services arent important at all, then you can save yourself some time.

Thats how it should be :slight_smile:

I see no reason not to do so. If one aliuas gets blocked, than just create another one and you are good to go :slight_smile:

I use Duck Duck Go for my alias email forwarded to my email account <<< has example

You do have a point. Now that you mention it, I’m could use my proton email or my own domain for personal communication like with my bank or with friends and family, as I mentioned in my original post. This way I don’t need to rely on an email provider for my services, and nothing will be connected to my proton email.

By this, do you mean to provide fake information for all of my services and to not use my real information? I kind of understand why, but I am curious what happens to the information once it gets changed. Does it get deleted off their servers, or it kept for a limited amount of time. I guess it depends on their privacy policy.

Yeah, that’s true. But, I have seen cases where SimpleLogin domains are not accepted with some services.

Personally I prefer using the SL domains when possible, because you’re hiding in the crowd. It’s easier to de-anonymize a single user using a domain vs a domain with multiple users using it.

Also I prefer using a unique address for each company as it’s annoying to have to change all my gaming (or whatever category) account emails because 1 company got their user data stolen.

When you do use your custom domain I would recommend setting SL to generate the alias with the random string with numbers/letters added, like how the SL domains get generated.

(You can go with whatever alias suffix option it doesn’t have to be specifically the random string one, this is just my preference)

This helps prevent aliases from getting used up if you ever have to disable or delete them for a service because of any reason (like spam, data breach, etc)

So instead of “” it’ll generate “” and if you ever have to disable it, you don’t have to think about a new alias just generate a new one.

Just my 2 cents at least

Yeah, I agree. I try to use SL domains wherever possible, and when a service doesn’t accept a SL domain, I don’t sign up for the service.

I actually already use the company name for each alias I create. This helps me to be more organised and knowing of where my email are coming from, and from what service.

That’s an interesting idea. I have already been doing that with the SL domains, but never thought of doing it with my own custom doamin. Although, I feel like it would still be identifiable since it is connected to your personal domain, but I will definitely look into it. Thanks!

What are these services?

I am not sure on the specific services, since I don’t remember the names. But as @NPC mentioned, Epic Games apparently don’t allow signups with SimpleLogin, although I might try a different SL domain for them to see if it works. I have also seen reports on the SL reddit that EA have been banning acocunts that sign up with SL domains. This is not the case anymore, since I have started using an SL domain for my EA account, but it was an issue in the past.

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Going through my mind I can recall being denied registration with both an SL alias and Proton domain on GitHub. Ive no idea if this is still a case.