Is there any Veracrypt alternative on android?

I was wondering, Is there anyway to encrypt files by making vault and decrypt my Veracrypt vault on android or atleast on of the two options?


What about Cryptomator?

Not exactly Veracrypt, but if you need to “share” your encrypted vault among devices I think Cryptomator is a better option.

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Why install an app for something can do on your browser?

If you have termux already you can even write some bash to encrypt & decrypt files.

If he has Termux he can also use rclone.

the concern is that there are other libraries react, etc that are not up to date as this project [] doesn’t appear to be maintained anymore. Original author has no activity whatsoever for over a year.

If you have control over what apps you can install there are other options Cryptomator, etc.

Not good enough of a reason to discontinue use a product according to me.