Veracrypt ik mobile

I an learning to use veracrypt, but i’m looking for a app to to desencrypt my usb also in my mobile with divest os, options? Thanks in advance!!

From my understanding there isn’t a proper way to access VeraCrypt volumes on android. if cross comparability is important to you I would suggest looking into Cryptomator which is very similar to veracrypt, but with better cross device support.

Apparently their is an app called EDS which may work. But it is not an official Veracrypt app.

For reference, here is I link to a past discussion on this topic.


IIRC the whole phone (DivestOS) is already fully encrypted, just turn it off to fully unload the encryption key from memory. Everything in the phone is already encrypted.

Are you thinking of sharing your phone with someone else, a partner/spouse/fiancé perhaps?

Are you just trying to access your files from a network that is encrypted with veracrypt?

Who are you trying to encrypt the phone against? I think that matters aa well.