Is EDS Lite (Android Veracrypt) safe to use?

EDS Lite is no longer being developed, but the closed source full version is.

Can the open source version still be trusted and considered secure?

Until Cryptomator gets document provider, EDS Lite is pretty useful. For example, you can put a small Veracrypt file in cloud storage, access via RCX remote, then mount the container with EDS Lite, and point backups straight into it for encrypted cloud backups.

afaik it hasn’t been maintained in years and has custom implementations of all of them.

I’d recommend DroidFS instead.

Neither have been audited. It is worth noting there’s a paid version of EDS which does seem to be maintained. Last update was Apr 25, 2022.

Unfortunately the paid version is closed source.

And DroidFS cannot access mounted storage like from RCX, Nextcloud, or Davx5.

I guess I have to wait for Cryptomator to release with document provider.

It’s too bad rclone crypt is not audited/recommended, because RCX or extRact would get the job done. EDS also does not save/upload until it is locked.