Gocryptfs (encrypted overlay filesystem)

Here you go:

It’s an encryption software which is like Veracrypt and it’s cross platform compatible.

Also has a nice Android port via DroidFS app.

It’s an encryption software which is like Veracrypt

Are there things you like about it more than Veracrypt? As a linux user, I like reading that “Linux is gocryptfs’ native platform.” but I also read that the MacOS implementation is only considered to be in beta at this time.

Some consider VeraCrypt to not be open source: VeraCrypt - Wikipedia

Yes, you can use it to backup your files to the cloud cuz it encrypts each file separately.

It’s not 100% related to gocryptfs, but I use it as a backend for Plasma Vaults. And from my experience, this combination works better than Cryptomator. Though my usecase is not for cloud storage, but for Syncthing on portable device withouth disk encryption. It can also be backend on Vaults (from Flathub).

Since gocryptfs is available on Mac, and there is compatible program for Windows (cppcryptfs), it might be good reccomendation for file encryption