Something strange happened to BitWarden

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It’s all fine for me, but it’s pretty concerning nonetheless.

This is why backups are so important in this digital world.

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No issues on Vaultwarden fortunately.

Yeah. But where to copy passwords?

Won’t it decrease your security?

You could back them up with the BW export tool, then put the file in an encrypted USB drive or an encrypted VeraCrypt volume (this is what I do). Thus, any attacker would need a password to access them.

Bitwarden can also do encrypted json exports.


No desktop unfortunately. Is there any way to do something like this on Android?

I don’t know if it’s still maintained, though.

There is.

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Scrolling further down that Reddit thread, the OP seems to have resolved it with the help of Bitwarden support.

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Could have a veracrypt/dmcrypt container on cdr/usb stick.

Security isn’t decreased if the backup is also encrypted.