Best backup solution for block-level backups for complete partition or drive

My backup process is to an external HD non-system encrypted with Veracrypt. Any software solution for this? I am a Windows user, not at ease with the command-line. I looked at Rescuezilla, but because it functions as an operating system with an independent boot process, there is currently no way to decrypt the Veracrypt volume before the backup.

I have used DriveImage XML and Macrium Reflect, but I would prefer an open source solution.

I was going to recommend trying Pika Backup, but you’re on windows, this is linux only after a quick look at their website.

you can try find an alternative here by searching what you have tried before, it will show you a list of similar apps. Don’t take the numbers ranking seriously and you’ll be fine.

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Personally I just copy all the contents using something like freefilesync? Do you really need to copy the partition itself?

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Thanks for the reply. I have a pretty good sync setup with Cryptomator in OneDrive at the moment, so not worried about files. My reason for wanting to find a good image backup as well is that I am trying to dual boot Fedora and am having a nightmare time with Windows: I have had to do several clean reinstalls and I am sick to death of reinstalling all the applications and fixing the setting that I need for my work.

Ah yeah, dual booted windows is really cancerous. My personal advice is either to just use Windows with virt-manager (QEMU/KVM) so that you can use the snapshot feature, or put it in an external drive so that it doesn’t interfere with the system too much. You could also make use of windows system restore option, just do a backup on a clean state after you install the important apps. Another idea is to automate your install with a script (eg. simple .bat file making winget install everything)

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I have been using system restore, thank you.

Thanks for sharing the ideas to use a virt-manager put Windows in an external drive. I will look into this.