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Hi there,

For context: I am a minor, and have residence in both the US and EU.

I was doxxed online on the site Doxbin. I was actually blacklisted on the site, so the dox was near instantly removed. However, before it was removed, it was archived on a website called I have sent multiple reports and emails to the site’s owner to attempt to remove it, however have gotten no response at all.

I was able to remove the dox from appearing on search engines like Google, which has helped, but some people have still been able to find the archived dox, and have used it to attempt to harass me.

Does anyone have any advice here or ideas to try to get this damn thing removed? I’ve faced extreme harassment and stalking from this situation, as well as other distress. I’m willing to pay however much I can afford at this point if needed, I just want this gone, so that I can retain my privacy.

Thank you.

Sounds like you want to contact a lawyer and/or the police. Your parents probably have to be on board with this as well.


let me understand the issue. is it that this dox associates a username with your real life identity? and do you use the same username across different websites and social media? it seems to me the solution is to use new accounts with different usernames that aren’t linked to the old accounts in any way


I no longer actively use the alias associated with the dox. I use different usernames across sites nowadays.

That being said, the dox does contain some pretty sensitive information, that’s my biggest concern. I’ve got it removed off search engines like I said, so it’s not the easiest in the world to find, but some adversaries have still seemed to be able to track it down.

im assuming these adversaries know you irl? so that they know your full name and search it?

No, they do not know me IRL. However, they have my first and last name, and other more sensitive information, from the Doxbin that was posted.

i’m not sure i understand. if you’ve disassociated yourself from that identity which was doxed, and you’re not sharing your first name and last names, how would they know how to find that dox? or that that dox contains your real information?

I’m probably not doing a great job explaining.

Basically, my real identity was found and tied to this alias from a past alias which was connected to the current (at the time) alias. At the time I was doxxed, I had used the same alias across all platforms, and had done so for quite some time.

My info was mainly found due to a data breach, and an old account that I made when I was 9 years old and forgot about.

Ultimately, I should’ve been much more careful, and if I ever come back to the internet, I will start absolutely fresh with 0 connection at all to any past aliases. But that’s besides the point, I’m just currently in damage control here.

is it an adversary pursuing you that already has your information? surely you can only assume they have that saved somewhere. even if you manage to get it removed, there’s no guarantee that will prevent them from harassing your further. if that’s the case, i agree with valynor that it might be a police/lawyer situation

Right, it won’t stop the existing adversaries, that’s correct. My concern is just preventing any future damage.

imo damage would be largely mitigated if, as you said, you did a fresh start. because even though your info is out there, if you’re careful enough and have good opsec there’s it’s unlikely people would be able to figure out that a new identity is you.

but what was the reason for the dox? is it some drama on social media?

Seems irrelevant. The fact that IRL details are online opens opportunities for people to harass and bully

it is relevant though. cause if posts on social media are the cause hiding/ deleting those posts and taking steps to make the account less visible could help quiet things, if not just deleting the account

The fact that IRL details are online opens opportunities for people to harass and bully

of course

but what was the reason for the dox? is it some drama on social media?

Yeah, kind-of some drama on social media. I won’t go into too much detail, but the person who did it also doxxed tons of other people within the community I was in. The guy also posted CP multiple times and openly admitted to that, as well as swatted people, posted gore of minors, etc. Authorities were contacted and I believe that the person was under investigation.

The main person who originally did it seems to have vanished (?), but others have taken advantage of them making the dox, which is what I deal with today.

i don’t know how important that social media account is to you. but if it’s not that important then as i said i’d assume you would probably be a lot less of a target if you delete your account or take steps to reduce visibility like deleting posts (though on some social media your posts are not deleted when you delete your account, you have to delete them manually)

I haven’t posted/been active on any of the targetted social media accounts in around a year, but I’ve neglected to delete them. Do you think that I need to? I’d rather not if possible, but if it helps end this, then I will do what I have to do.

that’s interesting. probably not then, if those people are dedicated enough to target someone who hasn’t posted in a year than deleting the account likely wouldn’t help…

Yeah, that’s what I figured.

have you tried all the steps here for removing from

EDIT: nvm it’s for domains, not individual pages although some of it is still relevant

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Yeah, I’ve read through that. Like you said, a lot is just applicable for domains. I haven’t tried going the DMCA/copyright route, but I’m not sure if I even could claim copyright on any of the doxxed content.