Living in israel, need to cover discord activity

hello. hopefully my political position wont effect the posts responses, but I saying who I need security for might help. when israel started to follow citizens online activity for pro palatine content I panicked and set up some basic security, which now as I learn more I find out was heck job on my part. I am putting on better security now partially thx to this website.

anyways, I have a discord account which is connected to a proton mail, with a burner phone, 2FA, and I only use it with a VPN up. in my discord I am quite open on my politics there, and would like any security tips you guys can offer, as people with my political opinion are being tracked. regarding security outside discord, other sources are good enough as material, but this seems a issue that I need specialized help from u guys.

(sorry for mentioning politics, I think that it can help people more competent then me say how I can secure my activity)


I think you’ve pretty much done everything that can be done within the limits that a proprietary, unencrypted service poses on users. Make sure to avoid saying ANYTHING that could in any way, shape or form link back to you. Also make sure your Discord profile/information doesn’t include any personally identifying information and if for example you’ve used your real email at some point for your current Discord profile: create a new account without any PII and from a different VPN IP (ie just by changing country in your VPN), just to be extra safe. I doubt Discord actually deletes anything you tell them to delete.

ETA: Make sure to not mention your Discord activity anywhere else and to look for any links (figuratively) from other platforms to this Discord profile. If your VPN client supports Multihop, turn it on for when you use that Discord account.

Hope this helps!


thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.

If you’re using android, create a separate profile for all the stuff you wanna do on internet related to your political opinions.

In that secondary profile, you setup protonvpn and enable always on and Killswitch.

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thats a great idea, thank you