Is Discord Good/Fine for Privacy?

Hi everyone,

I’m a relatively active Discord user and have been wondering about its privacy implications. Is Discord good, or at least fine, for privacy? Should I consider switching to a more privacy-respecting alternative? Are there any specific privacy concerns with using Discord?

Most posts I found were a little bit old so wondering if anything changed.

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this!


Long story short, it’s terrible. No it hasn’t changed for the better, if anything, it’s gotten worse. They even briefly had an “AI bot” that was just randomly added to discord chats, which of course could read all the chats it was in.

If you can move away from it, definitely try to.


The AI bot can give you funny responses at the cost of stealing your data X3. My friends were sending me out of pocket screenshots of this AI knowing degenerate shit but was it worth it? No. I think it’s for the better that I can’t find the AI anymore. I can definitely avoid the service, thanks!

What’s the best alternative for discord that actually respects your privacy?

Matrix is probably the closest to Discord, but it’s a bit of a mess in terms of usability so your mileage may vary

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Unfortunately Discord has no real alternatives that normies are willing to migrate to.

You can stay because they already have some of your data. Just treat everything you say (voice included) as speaking in public so you have to censor yourself accordingly.

Also stay in the web version. It does not have features like push to talk that you may want. But treat the mic as permanently running/listening for as long the app is running.

To be honest I’ve never used voice chat in my entire time of using discord