Search results when i search for my name

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So i have a name that’s not common, so when someone searches for my first name and surname, everything there is about me on the web is shown on the first few results.

It happens that i work at a local place, and they recently make a website and just put my name there. Ideally, i’d like it for not to be shown anywhere, the problem is that it would be rude and really hard to manage for me to ask them to remove it or change it in some way.

Shoving that result in particular down the results page (2nd page) would probably be enough for it not to be found as much, so i was wondering if there’s any service that can help me with this, i would imagine that at least creating fake web pages with my name somewhere could make that result go away.

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This means that you are visible on some people search database and your address probably visible/accesible as well.

You can use Michael Bazzel’s list to remove yourself or I guess you can pay for some data removal services. Though you can maybe wait for a future Privacy Guides recommendation. I was hoping Mozilla’s data removal partner would be good but turns out the CEO of the Mozilla partner had previous associations with data broker sites.

Alternatively, you could apply for some random newsletter and put in disinformation as a proactive measure. There is a podcast somewhere of Michael Bazzel discussing this, it may be of use to you still, despite the older date.

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Thanks for the recommendation, but is that to remove the result from the search page (seems to be only in google) or is it to request the website with the information to remove it? I wanted the former, i’m afraid that requesting the website to remove the info will result in problems with the company.

There is a way to remove both Google Search result and people search result in Michael Bazzel’s page. The caveat is that people search result within a country with poor privacy protection laws (like China) might not even comply, so your mileage may vary.