Remove Startpage

Startpage is owned by an ad-tech agency (System1). While Startpage might truly keep data private, it’s non-obvious why a System1, a publicly traded US company, would want an ownership stake in a “private search engine”.

Though System1 alleges that they have no plans to tinker with Startpage, it’s unclear that they actually don’t.
There may not actually be anything wrong with having the outside investment, but I think that Startpage as a recommendation should come with a warning like this – since you have to dig around Startpage’s site to find this info.

Relevant articles:

I think this is already adequately explained in the search engine page.


We have thoroughly investigated this back when we were still called ptio, see : Delisting and Relisting


I gave startpage a good go. Changed all from duck to startpage. After a day moved it all back. I searched for something simple, can’t remember now, but it gave no results. I searched again thinking network error, still no results. Went back to duck and results.
Startpage failed for me. Whether it’s private etc :person_shrugging:

It’s possibly a concern to privacy

Perhaps it would be better to highlight the fact it is owned by System1. Like Even though it’s mentioned on the listing, better to outright highlight it, so as to avoid further calls to remove Startpage, until any future relevant issue to privacy from their end.