Opinions on GPrivate?

My friend kept annoying me with his stupid questions so i went to Let Me Google That and got his question
But, that website runs on GPrivate, and they claim that it’s a Google meta-search engine that is 100% private, but it screams sketchy, what do you guys thinks?

First and foremost.
https://lmddgtfy.net/ & https://lmsptfy.com/ for the respective recommended DuckDuckGo & StartPage search engine.

Second, whenever it’s legit or not, It doesn’t improve on whatever Startpage, Whoogle, Araa or SearXNG could do for parsing Google results. In addition, despite it’s name, they do claim in that extremely short privacy notice, that they do also use Bing results for it.


Startpage is my already go-to search for Google.

To be honest, Google has started giving bad results because of their for profit advertising model - they want you to stay looking at their search result and see their ads, juuuust before you lose your patience.

I’ve noped out a few years ago and I think DDG is just as competent.

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Thanks, got an extra bonus i wasn’t expecting