Startpage update (no longer uses Google results)


Could you please update Startpage in the list of recommended search engines.

On the site, it says “Startpage is a private search engine known for serving Google search results.”
The engine underwent a big redesign a while ago and the results are no longer based on Google, but on Microsoft’s Bing, it offers exactly the same results as Duckdcukgo.

Is there a link with this informations?

I believe they’re using both:

Startpage acts as an intermediary between you and other entities: For example, Startpage submits your query to Google and Bing anonymously on your behalf, then returns the results to you, privately. Google and Microsoft do not know who made the search request—instead, they only see Startpage.

@Pragmatic If you have a Github-account you can report the inaccuracy here: Issues · privacyguides/ · GitHub

I was suspecting that since some time ago. I was getting the same results and in the same order as DuckDuckGo.

I didn’t think it was still Google based, the results are so similar to Duckduckgo that I don’t know where their Google data comes from.

Their results from Google and partnership with them is not going anywhere. They don’t move to Bing — they only include Bing. They have also partnered with several other companies to improve their search engine.
Read this:

They are testing these features:

We are, however, testing multiple new features at the moment […]. Results from both Bing and Google’s indexes can also vary by country, which might also be the source of your issue.

Bing is now one of our search partners.


One feature that I’d like to see implemented in other search engines is the Anonymous View to proxy requests to certain sites. I found it to be helpful in certain scenarios where you need to access information from a site without you going there directly. It can also help circumvent corporate firewalls which is sometimes of legitimate interest.

As others have mentioned, Startpage now includes both Google and Bing as sources. There was a previous GitHub issue about this that is now closed and resolved. I believe the correction for this inaccuracy will be implemented with the next version of the website.


Completed in PR: