How do I deal with my info possibly being leaked in the future?

Privacy noob here, I looked up what kind of data Reddit and Twitter collects and it has me worried. I’ve had multiple reddit and twitter accounts suspended for controversial comments over the years and although I’ve never used my real name, these companies have my IP which was associated with my accounts plus all the tweets/posts/comments as well so they can still identify me. I’m Indian and I don’t trust the government to not spy on me (plus anyone can lodge a police complaint for speech they consider “offensive” to them) and I don’t wanna get in trouble.

Do i have any fallback for any of this? I no longer use google products and have a VPN while using reddit/twitter and use alt E-mails to cover my tracks but want to know of any measures I can take for damage control.

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Speaking technically here,

Reddit only stores your Registration IP for permanent and deletes all other IPs after 90 days. So you are good with it.

I have no Idea about twitter as I don’t use it now. But IIRC, They log every IP and doesn’t delete them.

If you are afraid of stuff you did, I suggest you to delete those account by logging via your VPN in a hardened browser such as Brave and deactivate those accounts.

Indian ISPs are required to store data for 5 years and delete them after the period. So, Unless you aren’t targeted, you are good to go. I would suggest you to leave it as it is after deleting those accounts.

Do you mean Email aliases or email accounts ?
Just don’t say it’s gmail. AFAIK, most people in india use Gmail.