I am wondering how reddit stores the registration IP address of deleted accounts?

Is the IP directly linked to the deleted account? In such a way that if someone were to get it, they would know identity of a reddit user? Or is it anonymized in such a way that it cannot be linked to any specific account?

I am also wondering if the username gets anonymized in the database aswell or only on the reddit website

lol no, everything is kept and just a deleted column in the database set true


According to reddit the only personal identifier they keep is the registration IP. And they keep this “indefinetly”. But it doesnt say how it is stored.

In a database, forever. There is no privacy on reddit, never was.

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Im aware its stored on a database. But is the information stored in connection with a deleted reddit acocunt? They say they store registration IP, but does it say what account this registration IP belongs to if it has been deleted?

I’m not sure if there’s any way for us to verify this, you should basically just assume everything you do on any website is recorded and kept forever.


You are probably right. Why is it that all these tech companies are so vague with respect to how they handle data?

Keep it vague to reduce legal issues

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