Reddit connected my identity with two separate accounts and different IPs

It happened to me two or three times now. I used an account and got banned on a subreddit on that account. Then on the same iPhone and using a different IP from a VPN, I posted on that same subreddit with another account. My both accounts got suspended even though it was a different IP. What exactly were they able to use to know that it was the same device that had those both accounts?

The first account banned was used on the app and the second account was used on Safari.

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I believe the Reddit app can acess your advertising ID to fingerprint you. An IP is just one point of information to identify you.

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Was it just that one sub reddit? Mods are not seeing your IP, etc. The logical conclusion is they require a certain amount of karma or age to post there.

Or they could be against what you are saying so any person that skirts those lines are auto banned.

Example: I go to a political sub and say some thing political but while within the rules mods do not like. I get banned. I make a new account with a different IP and post on there again.

I would likely get banned again as my own views have not suddenly changed to match theirs.

To me it is unlikely any thing more. To test this post on a different sub that your account is allowed to that does not have any mods from where you were banned running it.

Also some mods auto ban any that even sub some where or post in another sub they do not agree with.


Is it anything specific that I could manually prevent them from identifying me anymore?

Use the web app