Can throwaway accounts be tracked to me on websites?

Hello, gentlemen! I want to question about throwawy accounts.
I was make throwaway account on various websites, some of these accounts are no longer in use.
Can websites or someone else trace back to my real identify? I literally didn’t posted, commented and provide the real informations related to me to these throwaways.

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If they require any common credentials like phone numbers then yes. Perhaps if you had the same IP address. Browser fingerprinting is another way.

This is the reason why on the site we recommend a few strategies such as browsers which implement some anti fingerprinting protections, using a VPN or Tor.


Thank you for the reply! They didn’t required any personal information when sign up. I using firefox in max protection but I consider using Tor next time.
How about account that no longer in use?
I carefully assume that IP address or fingerprinting is deleted from account or their website so they can’t trace or link my real identify.

Never assume anything is deleted. Entirely depends on the site/service.


You’re right, Thank you!!