Ideal way to "redact/delete" an account

Let’s say, I want to delete my Twitter account. Which way is better? (or am I just being paranoid about it?)

A) Directly deleting my Twitter account without doing anything.

B) Deleting my Twitter account after redacting my tweets, retweets, likes, etc. one by one. (or using an automated tool like

bump wanna know too, they probably keep data at servers for x time even directly deleting it.

And both approaches may have same outcome.

Honestly, the answer is that we don’t know whether option A or option B would make a difference. No one knows if they store a cached copy of your profile or interactions, which would make option B useless.

When I was deleting my Facebook account, I tried to go with option B. It was a very difficult process as there was a lot to delete and Meta (purposely?) makes that task very difficult complete. I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and just deleted the account.


Elon being Elon you can probably assume that whatever you choose Twitter will not really delete anything because data is money and big companies don’t really care about what you want (and Elon most certainly doesn’t).


I would like to add that storage is cheap, very cheap, even at the enterprise level.

From there we can also speculate that the data is profittable and remains profitable. So actual deleting of accounts may not be in the best interest of BigTech.


Especially at the enterprise level***


Yeah, probably this is the case.