Any privacy respecting international calling services?

I will need to make multiple phone calls from US to Australian landlines. Ideally it would be possible to call landline to landline, and also from a tablet/laptop at my end. Call quality must be good. Pay per time used as the calls will be sporadic. I could use multiple hours one week, then nothing for several weeks. Low cost would be nice (under 5 cents per minute). In the past I have used google voice which was very good, but would prefer to keep away from google. My search only found high monthly fees, or privacy invasive practices. Has anyone found a good service?

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You’d need a paid VOIP provider.

My disclaimer is I do not use any of these so I cannot give you a good provider.

I do not know the current recommended setup. It usually changes a lot these days. Back then signing up for Twilio was the go to but somehow they dont want these for privacy. I guess they are having issues with phone spam.

See this thread:

There won’t be really any “privacy friendly” VOIP services, unless you use something that offers E2EE. Is anonymous payment an issue? One could argue that is a hallmark of a “privacy friendly” VOIP service. If you’re using your real voice and discussing anything personal then anonymous payment support probably isn’t going to be particularly helpful.

These same providers also won’t be particularly privacy unfriendly either, just that VOIP calls are generally only encrypted with transport encryption (ie TLS and SRTP) and not encrypted “end-to-end” to the device sending/receiving like say Signal Protocol.

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I don’t need security (E2EE), just privacy. Mostly avoiding big data so:

  • collect minimal information
  • don’t profile
  • don’t share/sell/use for advertising any information they do have
  • don’t process the traffic in any way (no keyword voice recognition/AI etc.)