Could someone help me pick cellular provider?

These are my options:

I’m very bad at reading privacy policies and stuff so if anyone could help me pick I would really appreciate it. What I’m looking for is best privacy and practices.

I made a similar post to this already but I lost that account because I create them with disposable credentials. I hope that’s ok.

They’re probably all pretty much the same, generally the rules surrounding what a provider must collect are government mandated.

Any reasons you want to use a provider from this country?

If you need a phone number there you can likely get a VOIP number. Using roaming can bring some additional privacy as both telecom operators do not have all data. This is a great advantage of roam like home in the EU and the introduction of e-sim. F.x. PGPP makes use of this: PGPP. Note that IMEI exists and their random IMSI’s are not doing much, but they way they decouple subscriber identities does.