Android sip voip client recommendation?

Hello everyone,
looking for recommendation for a sip client on android that is privacy respecting.
I’ve looked at some android sip client, some required an account just to use the app, and their privacy policy was collecting a lot of information.
I ended up on baresip. the UI is definitely lacking, but it worked when I tested it. Just trying to see if there some suggestion here.
If I remember correctly, zoiper for android required an account on startup.
Linphone is open-source, and it does not require an account, but the privacy policy is not great


Privacy policy | Linphone


(partial copy-paste by me)

  • IP address used while subscribing
  • User’s international phone number, for Users subscribing from the mobile application.
  • Calls logs. They comprise: caller’s SIP address, callee’s SIP address, date, time, status (completed or not), duration.
  • Chat message logs: sender’s SIP address, recipient’s SIP address, date, time, status (delivered or not), type (content or delivery notification). For clarity, the actual content of these messages is not stored.

I already have an account on a voip provider, Looking to see if there are better application than baresip on android.
Thanks :grinning:
F-droid search

I always used Sipnetic as it is the most stable one. Also ZoiPer worked okay.

Neither of them integrate with the normal phone dialer unfortunately. It’s always a mess.

I lately shared here: Calling and texing with JMP VOIP through included Snikket XMPP server - #7 by ph00lt0 what I find the best solution at least for +1 phone numbers.

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Sipnetic seems excellent, thank you for the suggestion.


Sipnetic | SIP Client for Android - Privacy policy

Data collection

We do not collect any of your personal data.