Calling and texing with JMP VOIP through included Snikket XMPP server

I have been a long time beta user of JMP. Note that although the service works really well it remains in beta, make sure you can reach emergency services in any scenario!

Their service is great and they are super helpful. I recently came to known that they they right now have a partnership with the XMPP service Snikket. Now you can get for $3 an Canadian or US phone number and use the Snikket app (or any other XMPP client) to make and receive calls and text. In the past you had to set up your own Jabber server or use one you trusted, but now you get your own instance, hosted at Hetzner where you own the data yourself.

Now we all know that texts and phone calls are not private, but VOIP can be a good way of keeping your location safe and keep your safe from SIM chipset attacks. That besides the ability to segment things for additional security and privacy.