Should I change my SIM card?


I have a phone number from 2020, and at this time I didn’t take care of my privacy at all. I already used it with Google, Microsoft, OpenAI (recent, but you know…) and a lot of tech companies (even Apple).

Now I’m thinking about changing that phone number, but would it really benefit me? The new phone number that I will get was probably used with those services as well. Would really like some advice here, thanks :slight_smile:

It makes more sense if you had the ability to compartmentalize numbers like how we do email aliases but most people cannot (unless you live in the US and have access with MySudo).

If you are just gonna use the same number for the same services on the same device (under different names) then I dont see what benefit a change in SIM card/cellphone number will bring you.


Yeah, that’s the point. 4 years later, I don’t use those services anymore. Any of them.

And well, I could use MySudo or even Cloaked, but it wouldn’t give me a local phone number. That’s the problem.

What do you think about in Canada and US?

I’ve never heard of this one before. A 20 second skim of the website looks pretty promising. Anyone have any input or further knowledge about this provider? is great, was using it back in the beta when it was free for 6 months or so.

Now i find it a bit expensive but still a great privacy-friendly option.

I’ve tried to use it when it was $3(?), but it asked for a $15 deposit. It’s 75 “moneys” where I live, so not a great deal :confused:

Nonetheless, seems to be a great service. That’s for sure.

If you happen to have access to Vonage or Twilio which provide worldwide numbers, you could use their gateway without They recommend a donation for that service.

I like that it uses an open protocol and can work with other client software– and even other servers. One limitation is with sending an MMS to over 10 recipients.

It can have multiple phone numbers. In that case, keeping them (and each account’s contacts) organized takes some effort.

For contacts that use Conversations/Snikket/XMPP, it supports E2EE using OMEMO. It doesn’t require a phone number or email to create an account.