Using VoIP for phone numbers is it actually worth it?

I’m a fan of Extreme Privacy by Michael Bazzell. In this book, he describes a method of dealing with phone numbers, by migrating them to Twilio and using them over VoIP. I now have the oportunity to do this in practice but I’m not sure if I should do it.
The phone number I have right now is already on multiple website, and my ISP knows already where I live(my pre-paid sim card is renewed by my mother who adds it to the bill has the billing address to our home).


Why wont you contact him directly, IIRC there is a listener Q&A coming up in the early (or maybe mid) parts of January.

Depends on your threat model. Using VOIP could prevent your real phone number to be known by adversaries. When thinking about Pegasus f.x. this could be an advantage. Obviously you will still need internet somehow. You could take a subscription in a different name, and if you order esim also random address.

Can you give me a link?

I cant seem to find the actual email where the questions go to but above is the link for the podcast.

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