Going all in on VoIP. Where do I port my primary number to park it permanently?

MySudo numbers are working well for me as it helps me to compartmentalize. However, I still need a place to park my primary Verizon number, which I have used for years for everything. Ideally, I would like to avoid parking it in Google Voice. What do our privacy community recommend for parking old phone numbers? Thank you!

You can port that number into MySudo if you’re happy with them. Otherwise I like JMP.chat personally.

Google Voice is the best (nearly) free option I know of sadly, if you’re looking for the cheapest option. If it is a number you have a long history with I don’t see harm in porting that into a Google account you have used at the same time and just forwarding it all.

Might want to give JMP.chat a try. Will the numbers work on sites that require a number for verification, like Facebook and Twitter?

I have yet to have issues, but there have been reports of some services blocking the numbers. Usually a call to that service’s support and showing you are a legit customer will remove the block. The general consensus is it is rare overall except with certain services like Telegram, but even then usually retrying several times will get it to work, or calling the service who is blocking you.

Edit: I don’t use Facebook or Twitter so I can’t personally vouch for that.

Of course it depends on your threat model, preferences, and computer habits, but if you’re in the United States and you need a non-voip number for signing up to sites or just basic communication, the cheapest option I’ve found is Tello. $5 for 100 minutes, unlimited text, 0 data. $8 for unlimited minutes/text. I like to have a sim-number in case I’m in a location where I can’t access the internet, but still need to communicate with somebody. Plus their numbers are the easiest to port in my experience, so if you need multiple legit numbers you could pretty much buy them for $8 a pop ($3 sim/delivery fee iirc).