Any Mysudo alternatives in EU?

I found someone recommending “Masqt” on reddit, but that provider must have gone bankrupt or something because I can’t find anything about it and is gone.

It’s on SimpleLogin’s roadmap, and it’s the service I personally expect.
When I looked for a while, there were only solutions in the USA or Canada.

Will they provide phone numbers like Mysudo? Or will it be like Signal where you can only text with other Signal users?


Apparently they mentioned it in an email.


I really hope this is true. Would be awesome though.

Only thing for now I can say is that I use multiple VOIP providers but all are business oriented and neither work well enough that I can safely recommend it. It’s a hassle. I have one VOIP provider I use for phone numbers to receive sms on and another one that has an app to receive calls. The first one can also do SIP but the apps available for that are sucky.

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I don’t know whether it will be a receiving service only, or also a sending service, like mail. But if it’s both, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be universal.
Last I heard, they weren’t sure whether they’d be implementing temporary numbers, or a more “classic” phone number service.

Proton Support sur X : “@HelloGrayson_ Hi! We don’t have any ETA on this at the moment, but it’s still very much on the roadmap. Due to the increasing number of users on Simple Login, we have spent a good chunk of 2023 on scaling and haven’t had the chance to make progress in this.” / X (

It is, but no ETA for now.

Skrill does offer prepaid virtual cards for 2.5€ each. Not perfect, but I wouldn’t trust free services.

What about this one?

Can I call other people using this or is it only for other teleguard users?

Very exciting, not just phone numbers but also virtual credit card numbers! Not sure if the latter is even legal in the EU if they have a fake name on them.

As for payments:

For cryptocurrency, we use Coinbase Commerce that currently supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD Coin. In the future, we are going to support Monero as well. In the meantime, please send us an email at if you want to use this cryptocurrency.

from SimpleLogin | FAQ

Sounds very promising! Although already supports Monero now (Subscribing with cryptocurrency -

They claim that you can call.

I tried to use it. I couldn’t pass the register screen in the app. They may rely on some Google services that I don’t have. Not sure if others had lucky but I got demotivated after that.

You need Google play services because they use that for payments it seems. I might try it later but yeah surely that’s a downside.

You can always get prepaid SIM cards from countries that do not require costumer ID. They will work for a few months (4 I think) as there’s a limit on how much time you can use a card in roaming within the EU

I thought anonymous SIMs are banned or to be phased out in all of the Eu.

Here in Portugal you can go to a supermarket or petrol station, buy a SIM card preloaded with 5 or 10€, pop it into a phone and it works. I haven’t heard anything about them possibly being discontinued in the future and there’s actually a carrier, woo, that got into that market relatively recently

edit: its great for tourists and a good source of revenue for carriers

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A sim card is more prone to certain attacks. This is not advisable for a number you publically use. In more serious cases this can be used to locate you as well as that there are many phone based attacks that can exploit your phone, using VOIP is a good way to mitigate that risk.

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Teleguard only say they are a messenger app, and I don’t see that they offer prepaid virtual cards