Signal will probably drop SMS support on the next patch. Looking for alternative clients

So I just got the notification recently that Signal will drop SMS support soon. I’ve read their reasons and while I do understand their rationale, where I am right now, people still communicate to me via SMS especially if they dont have Signal or refuse to install them for whatever reason/s.

Also over here, people sort of conduct their formal notification/business over SMS because it is still in widespread use here especially if the internet is particularly bad or slow, hence the necessity for an SMS app.

I do use Graphene OS. Should I consider an alternative instead of the built in SMS app? Is having another app to handle SMS warrant the potential risk off adding another app to my cellphone? Back then when I had a Lineage OS phone I used Silence but its been 2019 since it was updated and I am afraid that it is outdated and thus insecure.

Can anyone provide insights? Im thinking of just sticking to the default SMS app in Graphene for now.

I would recommend to just use the default SMS app on GrapheneOS. Other clients could only have the advantage of a better UI. But if you want a better UI than the default SMS app, then my personal recommendation would be Simple SMS Messenger. It even has a option to use Material You. You can find the app on the Play Store, on the official F-Droid repository or on GitHub.

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Would recommend Google’ messenger app as it supports RCS, increases the chance you can communicate using e2ee. Also more likely to receive good security updates. I would never use the ‘simple’ apps they are very unreliable and unstable.

Generally speaking I would discourage you from using sms at all on a number that is attached to your sim card. I obviously do not know you thread model but it may be wise to use VOIP instead. But yeah you will need internet for this.