You Can’t Avoid X(Twitter)!

I know lot of you guys are using Twitter. We all know it’s a privacy invasive platform and became a nightmare for open internet after being walled garden. But you can’t avoid it as many brands (even privacy ones), officials, privacy advocates are regularly using, promoting, announcing latest stuffs.

So, what do you think about that?

What are you doing to beat the algorithm.

And how do you use it maintaining all the privacy rules of your own?


I follow accounts with Nitter + RSS when the Fediverse isn’t an option.

I’ve lived in a world pre-Twitter and I will continue to live it.

Facebook is the one I cant avoid though.

how? I understand if you say whatsapp, but facebook?

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I use it only in brave, in a PWA


We have a free basic Facebook usage, badwidth-wise.

I can’t speak for the other user, but in my area Facebook Marketplace is the only active place for buying and selling stuff locally. Hence it’s the one thing I use Facebook for.

I haven’t used Twitter in years and I don’t miss it. Most brands or people that I would follow have an online presence elsewhere.

+1 and Vpn

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I use that too! I assumed that’s a given! :wink:

with the rate limits, and requiring to be logged in, it seems I see less articles which use embedded tweets.

Rarely I ever care about the replies as they’re mostly trash.


everytime I use twitter (I would never call it fucking X) my heart rate goes up, I have already deleted my 10+ years account. unfortunately its good platform for contacting some companies via direct messages. so I made new account. to be honest i dont miss it and I hate that crazy man Musk.

Fortunately I find that’s very rare, where they don’t have an email form or some alternative communication. In any case if I do come across a company like that, I won’t be bothering to do business with them.


You Can’t Avoid X(Twitter)

You certainly can.

I and 93.3% of the rest of the world have done so without much trouble.

Not only have I not struggled to avoid it, I actually tried joining twice over the past decade because I thought I would find value in it and I just didn’t find it useful enough or interesting enough to stay on the platform.

But value is personal, if you find value in it, and continue to find value in it, than maybe it is worth it to you to stay on the platform at least in some limited capacity. In my eyes it is far less invasive overall than Google or Facebook. And so long as you dont use the official app, and ideally use a privacy respecting frontend when possible, the damage to your privacy seems limited.


Its maybe far less invasive now, but what that prick Musk is doing and planning is quite scary. Just wait how long it will take until he forces his users to use only app. etc.

I deleted my twitter account recently, but I continue to follow a selected number if users anonymously with the android app Squawker (GitHub). This works well, at least for the time being.

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I have never had a Twitter account and never will. Simple will power. I use Minds; Plerorma and Lemmy to interact with those I need to and refuse to cave in. So I guess I am proof that you can avoid Twitter/X.

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using X the most private and anonymous way:

  1. residential proxy
  2. PWA in good browser
  3. switch off those toggles in settings
  4. “following” / chronological timeline
  5. eliminate some sections by uBO dropper tool
  6. Alias Info