Here are some reasons why Meta is (kinda) unstoppable

Firstly i hate Meta and all of its Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram crap but the truth is
1 - Facebook has no worthy opponent as all of the open source or even closed source project don’t have all the smoothness it has even Twitter and
2 - Whatsapp is taking over as they are making huge updates continuously stealing features from Signal and Telegram and telling someone who loves making stickers on mobile or even making animated stickers to leave Whatsapp for Signal for example is so sarcastic.
3 - Instagram is trash cane and you can live without it but you will leave tons of good content and more tons of garbage.
4 - Open source alternatives like Mastodon for example doesn’t have quote retweet thing and the moderation of preventing the NSFW is more like a disaster than anything else, And talking about alternatives, Truth social is an open source project but owned by Trump so we are not escaping or going far from Meta and Twitter.

Iam not saying it is gameover but we have to face the reality sometimes.

So how could we take our communication with people back from this situation?


Quote Posts are most commonly abused for Hate Speech, as seen shortly after the release of Threads.

Some instances allow NSFW. if you dont want to see them, just blacklist the NSFW tag and related hashtags.

It’s only open source because trump uses Mastodon.


I wonder if they actually ended up providing source. Last I heard they grabbed Mastodon (which was licensed under AGPLv3) and didn’t supply source code themselves.


I still using instagram, abandoned facebook as almost everyone I’m close, tried Threads but I found it useless as news source, it its just Instagram w/o videos and photos, Twitter keep an big edge as useful news/info source, most relatives think same, imho Twitter is safe, bad news for Elon Haters. abouth Threads comments its the same censor/block culture hell as other liberal social networks, I think only true Twitter alternative is @Nostr , really decentralized and censorship proof, but it lacks content still taste as unfinished.