Where to go on the social media? (From a privacy perspective)

After the crazy things happen in twitter and the last thing was the limited tweets viewing happened yesterday, I was searching for alternatives and the options here are Mastodon, Nostr¹, Truth Social which is owned by Trump but also an open source option, Misskey, Scuttlebutt, Ripledd, Calckey and more, So what to choose to keep our privacy and security safe puting the usability and convenience in the equation???

¹Nostr has this amazing website for its clients

I think the only two with any degree of users is mastodon and lemmy at this point.

While kbin does federate with lemmy, it seems that the comments don’t. For example when I compered threads on https://lemmy.one/c/privacyguides with threads on privacyguides - kbin.social i found different comments.

I did read in another thread kbin is very much “newer” than lemmy, so there are rough edges.

As for the others, unlikely to gain any traction any time soon, especially truth social outside of the maga crowd lol. I do find it hilarious, that a guy known for massaging facts owns a social media service with “truth” in the name though.

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Talking about Mastodon, My account was deleted by the server owner cause someone was attacking Qatar for preventing LGBTQ+ on their lands and he said they were the reason of many people dying in the process of building stadiums -Which is not true lol- and when i tried to defend them for the LGBTQ+ thing and it is just simply forbidden in our religion and was forbidden the west world before 50 years, Boof my account was deleted by the owner of the server which why i really hate Mastodon, just look at the rules of any server and you will find some kind of dictatorship.

Server owners can do what they want with their instance. A lot have a very zero tolerance for obvious misinformation from oppressive regimes. On that topic though migrant workers are exploited which is kinda sad.

The government said its accident records showed that between 2014 and 2020, there were 37 deaths among labourers at World Cup stadium construction sites, only three of which were “work-related”.