We’re giving Lemmy a try: Welcome to !privacyguides@lemmy.one [x-post]

With Reddit’s encroaching IPO and their poorly planned API changes, we need a place to keep up with privacy topics that isn’t tied to an anti-privacy, centralized sinking ship site.

Our forum running Discourse has been a great place to discuss website changes and answer questions, but it doesn’t quite provide the same experience as Reddit does for things like sharing news, so we’re trying something new:

!privacyguides@lemmy.one is our new ActivityPub-enabled community for sharing links and other information from the privacy and security realm. Welcome!

We’re going to be trying out posting to this community for a few months to decide if we want this to replace or coexist with the r/privacyguides subreddit, so we’ll see how it goes. If you want this to succeed, stay active! Our mission is to become the most inviting and friendly place to discuss privacy and security on the fediverse :sunglasses:

Verification post: Reddit - Dive into anything


Just created an account, currently waiting for the approval! :heart:

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Just single/simple question: why creating server when new accounts cannot be created? Any justification?

Just to inform everyone that Spez will do an AMA tomorrow about the API changes, might be interesting.


Whatever the outcome, I’m enjoying the migration to Lemmy and I hope it will grow.

lemmy.one is down right now. Will it be up again later today or tomorrow?


its back up.

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