Introductions thread!

Hello everyone, welcome to our new forum! We’re excited to have this space online to share privacy information without being trapped on platforms like Reddit and GitHub.

If you’re new here, free to introduce yourself on this thread :wave:

I’m @Jonah, the administrator of this forum and one of many contributors to Privacy Guides. If you have any questions for me, feel free to send me a DM! (And check out DM encryption settings in your user preferences…)

We’re discussing general privacy topics and news in #privacy and asking questions in #questions. If you’re interested in helping us out with the website, you can suggest new tools in #suggestions and post anything else to #site-development.

Welcome again, I can’t wait to hear from you all!



I’m Freddy, a privacy advocate and freelance writer - amongst other things. I’m also a founding team member of Privacy Guides.

If you need to get in touch, my contact details can be found here.


Hey long-time reader of Privacy Guides. Amazing resource hub!
I’m mostly a Bayesian working on Scientific Computing open source stuff who still listen to Beatles.
Feel free to DM me via Matrix.


Hi there, it’s that banana guy. :wave:

I’m passionate (some may say a little bit too passionate) about privacy and security.

I’ve been a Privacy Guides team member for a while now, and have been following the project for a very long time before that.

I’m also a community moderator for a few other projects (Molly, Accrescent, GrapheneOS).

You can find my contact details here: Banana’s home :banana: :house_with_garden:


Hi I am that person with the unpronounceable nick.

I recently finished a master degree in Information Security and work now as an information security manager. I am experienced in software development and also have a background in UX design and digital marketing. Marketing I left being shocked by the manipulation that is happening and I became a big privacy advocate.

After having annoyed my family and friends a lot with unreasonable security and privacy measures, I am nowadays focusing on a holistic approach and aim for approachable privacy.

I am trying to be active here in this community and always stay critical to get to strive for the best outcome. I hope to contribute more knowledge and research in the near future.


Hey there, yet another Privacyguides team member here. Some here may know me by my pseudonym Blacklight447. Im very excited by the launch of our brand new forum!


Hi there, I’m samsepi0l (aka D4rkLynk). I’m not a mod, or a dev, just a privacy/security enthusiast french guy. I followed the Privacy Guides project for almost a year now and I really like it, we finally have accurate info about privacy and security ! I wanted to have these kind of resources when I could not understand anything about tech stuff at all, so I made my own website in French (because baguette power) for newbies/non-techies people ! My contact details are also on this website :slight_smile:



Hello everyone! :wave:

I’m Manav. I’m part of the team that is building - my wish is for it to become the de-facto privacy friendly alternative to Google Photos. Nice to be part of this forum of other people who care about privacy and feel it is a fundamental human right that we should safeguard against government and corporate overreach.



Hello, I’m Jimmy. I’m not too much of a contributor but I like hanging out in the matrix chat rooms and am pretty passionate about security and privacy. Hopefully I can contribute some more here :smile:


Hello, I’m blacklymuss.

Like the rest of you I support privacy and security and want to discuss actual privacy and security improvements instead of misinformation (such as FOSS being inherently secure when it’s not) that other communities spread.


Hey y’all! I’m mfwmyfacewhen. I’m a team member and I’m active on Matrix. Shoot me a DM :sunglasses:


Hi, I am ProdXPriv (Alias), I love privacy, and PrivacyGuides has been a huge source of recommendation and inspiration for me.


Hello :wave: all, my name is Stu.

I am a big tech fan and an advocate for privacy. I love playing around with open source software.

I’m always looking for new community to join who are into the privacy sector !!!

Btw I’m on Graphene OS with a Pixel6a

Sounds very interesting :thinking: @manav


Hey there folks. Its your resident privacy-learner and Boogeyman. Don’t worry, I am much nicer than certain films might have lead you to believe. And I am actually standing right…


Nah I wouldn’t scare you like that! I’ll just hide in your closet until you fall asleep, it just works better that way. Anyway, enthusiastic learner and love teaching myself more and more about this PrivSec arena.


Hey, I’m ᚠᛟᚱ ᚠᚱᛖᛖᛞᛟᛗ,
I’m a Multiplatform Application Development student who innocently aspires to create or be part of some big project dedicated to privacy, like Proton :milky_way: or Brave :lion:.
About me, I’m a libertarian (Don’t Tread on Me! :snake:), coffee lover (A cappuccino please :coffee:) and LoFi addict (Lofi Girl :place_of_worship:).
One last fact about me, which really saddens me, is that I am currently part of the moderators of the PrivacyTools forum. I was very happy when they proposed me to be part of the moderators, because I had been actively contributing to their forum for some time and following the advice of what I believed would be a reliable project that would help many internet users to improve their privacy, but over time, and even more recently, certain things have happened that have distanced me from them… And well, here I am, with a lot of desire to continue contributing to make the internet a freer and better place.
Best regards :wave:


Yes, it is indeed very interesting! There are many nuances that I only got to know of when actually building a privacy friendly service, e.g. ways in which metadata can leak. Finding about these, and reworking the service to proof against that, whilst still trying to keep the service easy to use - it’s all slow work, but it is interesting and fun, keeps me caffeinated all day long :coffee: :blush:


Keep us posted @manav. I love to read about the developments and what you encounter. Have you considered writing some blog like DHH does on David Heinemeier Hansson I always like to read up on it.


Hi all! I’m a cybersecurity student who’s interested in online privacy and whatnot. I lurk in some matrix rooms and love seeing the ongoing debates around these complicated issues. Looking forward to getting that action here, on my favorite website for learning and teaching about privacy :smile:


Same here, it is always fun to read up on others people journeys! We do have a blog at ente Blog, and I had been writing a bit regularly there for a while, but have slacked off a bit recently. So your message is a good motivation to start writing again, thanks!