and Mastodon

This is not a question about current services that runs.

Maybe like 4 years ago had a Mastodon server that was abruptly turned off. I’m pretty sure it’s too late now, but I’m just curious if anyone was able to get their account exported from that era. I haven’t been able to and am forced to see it as one of the unfortunate drawbacks of decentralized social media.

If anyone has a link to what happened/any discussion related, please let me know.


There were announcements ahead of time telling people to move. Unfortunately if you did not migrate at that time it isn’t possible to move your followers to a new account, because no Mastodon instance exists anymore to inform followers of an account migration.

If you are looking for specific information related to your previous account (for instance an export of the people you are following or an export of posts) you can DM me and I can see what I can do, however, in all likelihood this information no longer exists.

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thanks jonah! i remember you from way back then =D

yeah, did a quick search after submitting this post and that’s what i found :frowning: Apparently because my account was public, I can view toots (via other instances) back to ~2019. Will DM you about scraping/exporting, thank you so much!

edit: @jonah how do I DM you? via mastodon?