Xournal++ (Handwriting Notebook)

Its FOSS and most suited for handwriting with touchscreens or graphic tablets, which are commonly used by students with OneNote. A very good replacemtn for it, sadly Joplin and such dont support handwriting.

xournal++ is a great notebook app


Yes I agree, but also add Crypt.ee to that list

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From my experience, Xournal is wonderful if you happen to have older models of the Surface Pro with the linux-surface kernel (or any other laptop whose stylus can be used with Linux) that no longer get firmware updates from Microsoft. Xournal gives you the handwritten notes of OneNote without the cloud syncing to Microsoft.

(Though I’m sure Xournal works with more traditional writing tablets.)

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It also works with tablets from Wacom, Gaomon, etc.

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This is something I’d like to see reviewed along with some markdown knowledge base options Local knowledge base note taking apps.

We would be more than willing to take a contribution on this with perhaps an elaboration to the Notebooks - Privacy Guides page.

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Much appreciated!

Not to unload a bunch of slightly off topic suggestions, but I’m putting these out there, in case anyone wants to explore local note taking applications that are easily installable on Linux:

  • cherrytree: there is an option to encrypt cherrytree notebooks with a passphrase, though the available characters are limited (such as no spaces and no symbols) - though I never expected it to be a super high security application on its own anyways (but on an offline vault in Qubes OS - that’s an entirely different story)
  • VNote: I use this to format WIP blog posts that I’ll posting online, so I’m not concerned that VNote data has been saved to disk unencrypted
  • Zim wiki: probably doesn’t encrypt files at rest, but it’s still pretty cool for those who like wiki-style GUIs