Would you purchase Privacy Guides merchandise?

How many of you would be willing to buy merchandise from Privacy Guides if they had some available? T-shirts, webcam covers, caps, beanies, wallets, stickers. Y’know, the usual.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I have a more nuanced answer (discuss below)

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Would you? :slight_smile:

It might be fun if you built a poll for this question, if you edit your post there’s an add poll button I think you can use:

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I would only consider it if 100% of the profit (after website maintenance costs, of course) went to donations of a rotating list of community chosen privacy projects like the TOR project, EFF, and funding security audits of software like picocrypt.

Every purchase funds privacy for all and does good for society. Anything less would almost seem like a money grab and seems distasteful in my opinion. :person_shrugging:


Yes, but depends on how it is sold (merchant system), quality of the clothing (i prefer something durable), and if the design makes me wear it in day to day life.

Edit: and payment method. I do not donate to TOR for this reason because they only allow for crypto (STUPID) and PayPal (big no no)