Privacy Guides Stickers [$0-$5]

I shared this on Mastodon earlier, but I’m trying to give out some extra Privacy Guides stickers I have, plus I’m sure you all want to rep Privacy Guides on your laptop right? It’s a conversation starter! :wink:

They’re available here: :arrow_right: Privacy Guides Sticker Set (out of stock but these are still available)

If you can pay to cover shipping and make a small contribution to the project, that would be really great. If you can’t (or don’t want to) pay though, please DM me and I will be happy to give you a 100% off coupon too, to get these in the hands of more people. The stickers are very nice!


@jonah thats great :slight_smile: Wanted to buy one but out-of-stock sadly.

I’ll double-check when I get home but I think I’m out of those sticker sheets. I have more of the larger stickers if you’re interested: Privacy Guides Die Cut Sticker. Or maybe we’ll have to get some more :smile:

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Would be lovely :slight_smile:

found a couple more if you want to hurry before someone else orders them :slight_smile:


Many thanks :slight_smile:
EDIT: Ordered

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And… done :slight_smile: Three lovely stickers are here :slight_smile:

Huge thank you @jonah :slight_smile:

Oh btw: nice handwriting on envelope :slight_smile: So tiny :slight_smile:

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Just ordered one (for free lol)

I’m excited about those stickers. I don’t know why :smile:

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so where are you sticking them? :slight_smile:

I ordered both a while back and they came recently. big fan of them. I’m a big sticker fan and they’re good quality stickers. also, always happy to support the project :grinning: (for me, I’m sticking one on my water bottle)

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Damn those were gone fast!

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Havent decided yet. One will probably go on my laptop.

Oh, they are finished :frowning:

For people saying that the product is out-of-stock, you can still get the x3 pack of PG Yellow stickers mentioned in the post.