Privacy Guides Now Has Merchandise

Yes, you read the title correctly: we have merch now. Privacy Guides has partnered with HELLOTUX to create what we think are the finest garments in the land.

It would be ironic to sell our products on a site riddled with ads and trackers. So we weren't going to. This decision ruled out loads of providers, as our privacy-focused values and their Google Analytics just didn't quite align. Privacy Guides has a global audience, so worldwide shipping was a must. And we didn't want to be peddling tacky cheaply printed t-shirts either. This narrowed down our options considerably.

Then we stumbled across HELLOTUX.

HELLOTUX is a family business who have been making high quality merchandise for open source projects since 2002. Their site is tracker free, and isn't littered with irritating adverts. They seemed, pardon the pun, the perfect fit.

We're excited to launch a range of dashing t-shirts and Polo shirts, along with our very own hoodies and jackets. Check them out at

Buying our merch is a great way to support us financially. We get between three to five dollars per garment, depending on the product. Privacy Guides is a non-profit, socially motivated website so all the money we receive will be put towards improving our site and community. Our finances can be viewed publicly via the Open Collective.

A fun fact about HELLOTUX is that they make everything with Linux: the embroidery, the website, the customer service - the whole shebang. They also offer a money back guarantee. If you're not happy with your order, just send it back within three months, and they will sort you out with a replacement or refund.

So go ahead: bag yourself some Privacy Guides swag today!

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This was all just an excuse for me to get a new shirt, but I guess it’s cool if someone else wants to rep Privacy Guides too :wink:


Imagine outing yourself as someone who visits the website - could not be me.

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Going to buy a T-shirt soon, not because I need it, but just to support the platform.

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