Tutanota VS. Skiff mail

Hi everyone,

Tutanota VS. Skiff mail, which one is the more secure? :thinking:

Any ideas?..

Skiff got bought out by Notion and is not really a thing anymore, beyond letting people export their data…


Wow, I didn’t know Skiff was acquiared. There have been some rumors of Tutanota being a Honeypot, I hope that’s not true.

No, it was a corrupt fed who got caught being corrupt slinging shit at everything he could; tuta is not a honeypot


It makes sense. I think they were just trying to get Tutanota discredited with false rumors.

I have always thought that Tutanota is one of the best e-mail providers.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Tuta isn’t a honeypot, however due to their German jurisdiction, the court can ask them to save in a unencrypted manner new emails coming in after you are suspected of a crime. Probably fine for most, but a worrying trend nonetheless. Sources :


There are rumors that virtually every semi-large privacy centric service is a “Honeypot.” It’s an easy claim to make, and a nearly impossible claim to disprove. There is a minority within privacy community that is very susceptible to conspiracy theories and conspiratorial thinking.

While I don’t recommend rejecting/ignoring these claims outright, I do recommend you approach them with skepticism, a critical eye, and do not give these theories the benefit of the doubt (burden of proof is the responsibility of the one making the claim)


Very well said. I totally agree, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Interestingly enough you can still create a Skiff account till date. Not that I recommend it or ever did haha.

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The “sign up” page on the website no longer allows you to create an account.

All Skiff services, including Mail, Pages, Calendar and Drive, will be sunsetting August 9, 2024, as part of Skiff’s acquisition by Notion.

Therefore you can no longer create new Skiff accounts. Please see more about the announcement here.

Go here and press create account:

Hmmm, that’s strange, because I have the error message I posted just above :thinking:
How can we have two different results?

I am on the go so on mobile browser. But honestly don’t know.

Okay, got it. On vanadium, it seems to work indeed.
Same on the android app, haven’t been to the end of the process to see if it really works.

Not good…