Why is Tutanota not blocked by Great Firewall in China?

Someone pointed out this question on Twitter and after checking it appears to true. Do you think this is a red flag considering that Tutanota has also been accused of being a honeypot.

Different checkers give the same results for Tuta unlike for Proton(.me) which is blocked in China.

Do you know about similar examples of privacy services that are not blocked in China? Skiff is also not blocked by the Great Firewall, but unlike Tutanota it is not as famous and it’s still pretty new.

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Proton offers VPN services, the authorities might have more problems with that (they are illegal to some extends in China from what I have been told).

Also, Tutanota has a much smaller user base from what I know, so the Chinese authorities may simply not have seen the interest to block it.

All in all, definitely not a red flag.


The division Ortis worked for wasn’t founded until 2013 and during his trial claimed an email service known as Tuta was a honeypot. National Intelligence Coordination Centre - Wikipedia

Tutanota was founded in 2011 and changed their name to Tuta just last month.
Tutanota is based in Germany, might be more plausible if it was a Canadian company.

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