Should we trust an email provider on a popularity basis?

I am deciding between migrating to Proton or Tuta/Posteo.

I am drawn to Tutanota/Posteo because they seem to have better ethos. As in they are less likely to make decisions detrimental to their consumers privacy if they can still maximize profit, and less likely to raise prices as high as they can because they can (Posteo is 1euro per month, Proton is 5euro). This is already the case given how a Paid-Proton account will not receive any mail if they don’t receive payment, whereas Tutanota/Posteo do receive mail, but don’t let you send - this is massive turn off for Proton.

But on the other hand, Tuta/Posteo are tiny compared to Proton, Tuta has 14 employees, whereas Proton has 400. This makes Proton seem more secure, as in less vulnerable to cyber-attacks, shady back-doors, go bankrupt, or otherwise, leak/delete my my data by some clumsy employee, or lack of scrutiny by independent monitors.

According to Wiki, Proton has been subjected to DDoS attacks, but defended them and someone got arrested over it. With 400 employees and 70 million members I’m not surprised. But if Tuta/Posteo is targeted? I’m not so sure.

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I personally have both tutanota and proton, and I do like both

One potential issue with tutanota is that the search feature is limited to a certain time on free account, so good luck cleaning your spam backlog if you’re the type that ignores it until it got bad.

Defending against DDOS attack depends more on security practice and less employee numbers anyway