Shared calendar providers?

Are there any private free shared calendar solutions that anyone can recommend?

Proton’s calendar sharing seems to be restricted to sharing between premium users, and Skiff restricts sharing to within your team/organization. Are there any other options available that put privacy first and allow more versatility?

Proton calendar does allow sharing to non premium users

This requires the calendar owner to have a Proton subscriptiom though, correct? That is the impression the pricing page has always given me, given that calendar sharing listed under mail plus and not the free plan.

I don’t have a paid Proton subscription, so that still wouldn’t be an option for me.

Unsure about that. But probably a good time to start paying for it

$4/month is a little too much for me to justify it since I’d only be using the calendar.

I use Skiff mail because I prefer the UX, and I use Syncthing rather than a cloud provider for file sync, so I wouldn’t gain much by switching to a paid plan.

You could try etesync but if you care so much about UX that you pick Skiff over proton you won’t be satisfied.

Personally i recommend to use proton fully. The integration of email and calendar is seemless. The calendar itself isn’t as great but that integration is crucial for me as I receive 90% of my appointments by mail in ICS.