My experience with Skiff Mail

I was on the fence between Skiff and Proton and the long thread they had here trying to get listed actually convinced me to go with Skiff. The CEO put in a ton of effort to get listed here and it seemed encouraging at the time. In hindsight now i wonder why he was so desperate to get listed here so quickly instead of organically and cant help but notice how hostile he is to valid criticism.

My first issue i ran into was with the mail import wizard. The wizard specifically says “Securely import past email from Gmail or other webmail accounts”. So i went through the entire process of giving Skiff access to my Gmail. Issue was it set up mail forwarding without so much as mentioning that it was going to do that. Really strange thing for Skiff to be specifically saying past email, then turning on future forwarding as well. When i brought that up on their subreddit i was basically told it was a bug by the CEO. It still does this and is clearly by design but the CEO called it a bug. Its not a massive deal, they just need to make it clear what they are doing when you hand them the keys to your other Email accounts.

Second issue was them using my recovery email for product updates. They specifically said here on this forum that was a bug and claimed they stopped doing it. I brought it to their attention on the subreddit and the CEO just told me to unsubscribe. They are still intentionally using recovery emails for more than recovery. Again, annoying but not the end of the world.

My third issue, i had $50 in credits built up which can only be used on the pro or business plan so i cancelled the essential trial i was on and went to upgrade to a year of the pro plan. The credits where not used, i was charged full price. I would have never bought pro if not for the credits. Its way overkill for me but because of the credits it was only $10 more than the essential plan so i went for it.

The worst part though is there was absolutely no checkout process whatsoever. No subtotal given, no summary page, NOTHING. you click the upgrade button from the plans screen and bam, you are charged instantly. I expected to go through some sort of checkout process through stripe but nope. This just blew my mind.

I sent in a support ticket hoping they would make it right and all i got was “Hello! Thanks for the note, sharing this with our payments team to take a look.” 2 weeks since that response and nothing. No offer to fix the issue or refund the $50 i was overcharged. Just thanks for letting us know…

At this point im wondering if i shouldnt just bite the bullet, transfer everything over to proton and have my credit union do a chargeback… I really want to like skiff but this is a giant pain in the backside for some email.


Besides that, none of this surprises me a single bit. I feel sorry about your experience, I however think this might not be the right place to put a review unless this is your way of saying it should not be listed?

It seems to me that Skiff is a very ambitious company, that rushes a lot to get things out instead of properly thinking it through, that an organisational problem, but probably also due to it being a relatively small company. Moreover, I personally would not recommend to use Skiff, it all seems immature although it surely has potential, especially given the options are limited. Proton on the other hand is at this point known for its slow, development for better and for worse. In that light, it is impressive how fast Skiff puts things on the market, but I deem that also risky to some extent.


Very curious where you are getting that from because this is all the website says.

Not only is that not mentioned anywhere, when you click the shop plans button from the credits page it takes you straight to the yearly plans by default…

Even if that is somehow the case i didnt get the black friday discount that was active either.

There was not. I was not on mobile nor can i even find any such option in stripe.

Im also not the only one with the same experience.

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This is not a good place to share my experience with a service this site recommended?

Im not saying whether or not they should be listed. Thats above my paygrade.

It is concerning to me that they said here they stopped misusing recovery emails then went right back to it as soon as they where listed.


So quick update, when i posted this i also responded to the support ticket asking for an update. I just received an email from support saying they are refunding the difference.

I still have my concerns but am much happier now with that resolved. I do think Skiff has great potential and will eventually be great i just wish they would slow down and iron out the issues they have instead of churning out new features.

Their drive app on android is almost unusable, but then so did proton drive have serious issues for quite some time

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Sure does, it seems a bit better but I cant upload more than 3 or 4 files at once without it crashing. If its over 100 megs have to upload one at a time, sometimes retrying multiple times until it finally uploads. Other than that, seemingly random crashes are also common

I mean, you are more than welcome to post it here. But I was wondering your goal. If you want to have more people know about it who may want to use it, it might be better to put it on a reviews websites.

Hi about two three days I share my experience with Skiff I make it post on Reddit . If somebody has interes here is my post Reddit - Dive into anything

edit : Typos

I wanted to share my experience with the service this site is recommending. I dont know how much more clear i could be on that.

I didnt go with skiff because of some review site, i chose skiff based on what i read HERE and the recommendation this site gave.

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No exactly, that’s why I wondered if this was your way of saying it should not be recommended? Just wondering if you were hoping for a change in that because it isn’t clear to me :slight_smile: