Skiff adds PGP as beta feature

Skiff has been working on PGP for a few weeks. No doubt due to community feedback. Looks like it’s now available without a request.

Here was the notice I received:

The PGP beta should be available to everyone now. To use it, please go to Skiff and click “generate address” on a specific address. It should work automatically if you send/receive an email to/from a proton account.

Not affiliated with Skiff, just a fan.


That’s good news. We need more incompatibility. But does this now work by default? I don’t seem to find the option yet. I think this should just work out of the box.


I don’t know the long term plan, but it’s beta right now. So couldn’t be on by default until at least after beta.

Also, just noticed you can import keys. Which I think I’ve seen as a criticism of PM in the past. Unsure if any value there.

That’s odd, you can import keys to Proton.


Very cool, but I’m not seeing this on either of my Skiff accounts yet, so it must be a limited release.


Very cool!

Those that combine simple login with skiff can now encrypt their forward in transit with gpg


Pgp on skiff is available for everyone now. Damn , I just purchased an annual mailbox subscription a month ago.

Okay, I gotta say this is pretty epic. I do wish Skiff indicated whether a message being sent would be encrypted before sending it:

…but despite that, no issue at all receiving an E2EE message from Skiff with a Proton account, without telling Skiff about the Proton recipient’s PGP key, so automatic Web Key Discovery is working as intended :smile:

Proton shows an indicator if an external WKD key is discovered during message composition, in contrast:



That doesn’t seem right @amilich lol


Who would have guessed. I actually wrongly actually that there wouldn’t be encryption because there was no indicator.

I do see an indicator now in Skiff.


This is cool, despite that you still manually need to create PGP keys in Skiff. Not sure why it’s not just done out of the box.

EDIT: ahh no, this is only for within skiff itself. Too bad.

If there was an indicator, could be cool for it to be unique. For example, purple for PGP and green for the Skiff e2e protocol.

Great suggestion.

I am really excited about this new. Lack of interoperable encryption was the biggest thing preventing me from seriously considering Skiff (or any of the other non-pgp based private email services).

Both because I do have some a couple contacts that use Proton and/or PGP and more importantly because of how addy and simplelogin can be setup to automatically take advantage of PGP.


Did you get a support ticket open? If not, let me know. I can try to repo and send them some info.

Just to let you all know that it is “fully released”. I have tested with Proton accounts and also using old school GPG with: GitHub - saturneric/GpgFrontend: A free, open-source, robust yet user-friendly, compact and cross-platform tool for OpenPGP encryption. It stands out as an exceptional GUI frontend for the modern GnuPG (gpg).
and it works really well…
Anyone else was able to try it?


It’s configured by default for all new users - every Skiff address has a PGP key automatically. For existing addresses, a button has to be clicked.

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Great to hear

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There is an indicator! It will show a PGP encrypted thread with a different badge at the top