Seeking Recommendations for Third-Party Twitter Clients

I want to use Twitter on my iPhone but want some privacy. Is the third-party client of Twitter still available? If possible, are there any recommendations for open source and privacy-respecting clients available for iOS?

Most Twitter clients are gone. I still use Spring (They also make Mona for Mastodon) in ios. I doubt it’s open source but according to Apple App Store (for whatever that’s worth), they don’t track your data.

there are some twitter clients (at least on android) but they don’t use guest accounts anymore - you’re going to have to use your account anyway

Thank you very much for your recommendation. Are there any other free solutions you would recommend?

my recommendation: dont use twitter :slight_smile:


I see. I have recently been considering purchasing a Pixel device and updating the system to Graphene OS to help me have more privacy when I go out.

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I’ve tried many times to migrate to Mastodon and other free federated social platforms, but most of my friends are still using Twitter. The prerequisite for using social platforms is to be able to socialize on them, which is a pity.

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from your other messages, it seems you use a lot of apple services like mail etc… if that’s the case then it probably wouldn’t benefit you to switch to an android phone, or at least you might find a lot of convenience is lost and it would take some effort to switch over

hmm… twitter website might work for you. you can use it in a privacy respecting browser to block some of the trackers and stuff. but yeah, not as good as a 3rd party client for sure

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Yeah, so I just decided to keep it as a backup device. For example, I can use the freedom of the Android system to install some open source Twitter clients, which is convenient for me to protect my privacy as much as possible when I go out. The sandbox function of Graphene OS is also very attractive to me. I plan to use it to run some software that does not respect privacy and has to be used.

None of this affects my main systems, while giving me more convenience and privacy.

I forced myself to use Twitter on my phone’s browser for a long time—and eventually gave up. I can’t stand the heat, lag, and various poor user experiences that are several times higher than those of the App.

There’s an old twitter layout extension that I use on my browser, it is a bit weird when going back and forth on Twitter replies or searches, but it works fine for most the times
Here’s the link : GitHub - dimdenGD/OldTwitter: Extension to return old Twitter layout from 2015 / 2018.

I found Squawker a few weeks ago and have been using it to view Twitter links that I run across in other places.

It has the same functionality as the website if you are not logged in (can’t search, can’t view a feed in order, etc).

I may one day create a burner account, when football season starts back up, but have not yet.

It has a nice interface and no trackers, try it out. And if others have heard anything negative about it please chime in.

Edit: I just realized you asked for iOS recommendations, so this app probably isn’t even an option, sorry.

Hey buddy you could also use any backup Twitter accounts just in case you’re not comfortable using the main one and I especially recommend to only log in using either Safari with Adguard or the Brave Browser So that most ads won’t annoy you during your browsing