Free clients to social media

I have a question, someone knows a free alternative client to instagram like barinsta, or alternative to twittee like fritter?
Why that clients are stopping exist? Thank you so much in advance

Services like these are trying their best to stop these clients from working. Either by sending them cease & desist letters and threatening them (like what happened to Barinsta), or by changing how the Website works or removing the API, like what Twitter did.

If you actually want something open, you shouldn’t be using these services as they are actively trying to be a closed ecosystem


Thank you so much for the quicky answer, in that case i will stop using that apps

@Gab19 Here are two federated alternatives if you’re looking for something similar to use:

Instagram >
Twitter >

And in case you’re unfamiliar with federated networks see here.


Squawker is a privacy respecting client for X


I already know those alternatives but I’m looking for free clients for applications like X or Instagram because of the people I’m still there, I don’t need to log in or anything, just see the content they upload
Thank you so much for help !!

So nice this option, i didn’t have idea this exist, i will use this, thanks!!

For Instagram probably the best option would be using the PWA

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Then for Instagram there are sites like Picnob and Imgsed. I won’t say they’re privacy friendly as such, but they’re not Meta and have no accounts. So probably better than using Instagram directly.

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What is pwa?

I didnt know this options, thanks!

Progressive web app

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