Seeking a crossplatform (Linux + Android + iOS) podcast app or service that is privacy respecting

I tend to listen to the majority of my podcasts on my phone (iOS currently Android at times) but I also frequently listen to podcasts on my Linux desktop. I am looking for a privacy-respecting podcast solution that allows my listening history, subscriptions, and progress to be synced/shared across devices. Does anyone know of a reasonably privacy respecting app, service, or diy solution to accomplish this (across iOS, Android, Linux, and potentially the web). is open source (with clients for multiple operating systems) and their heart seems to be in the right place, but they don’t have zero knowledge encryption and by default your subscriptions are used to compile the top podcast list (though this can be changed).

No ideas beyond that, best wishes and good luck finding something that works for you.


Thanks for the recommendation. It looks interesting and almost fits the bill, but unfortunately it looks like their is no iOS app which is a dealbreakerfor me currently.

You may be interested in Podverse: About

I use it daily, and I like it enough to pay for the premium membership.

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